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We make the world's best
water purification cartridges.

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A quantum leap in membrane technology.

The result of over a decade of fundamental R&D, our nanofiber membranes provide pharmaceutical grade filtration in consumer products.

We create drinking water purification solutions that allow people to drink water safely anywhere at anytime without using chemicals, electricity, or pressure. Liquidity has just launched Naked Filter, its first consumer product.

Why it matters

Microbe-contaminated water is the largest health problem in the world.

And takes an incredible human and economic toll on the world. The amount of disease, deformity, and death caused by waterborne diseases is staggering. These diseases tear apart families and communities while undermining economic growth.

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Our Technology

High performance, cost-effective and practical.

Very small spaces (pores) in a membrane block bad stuff in the water (bacteria, cysts, protozoa). This process is called “size exclusion”. Because the bad stuff are all bigger than the holes, they can’t pass through the membrane. However, the many small spaces in our membrane lets the water flow freely. In fact, it’s mostly open space.

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Purification cartridge

Liquidity makes encapsulated drinking water purification cartridges. We work with our OEM partners to design cartridges that fit their particular devices. The simplicity of our cartridges often allows for new, simpler, and cheaper designs. Our purification technology can be formatted to fit any shape or size housing.



Gravity-fed devices

Due to our ultra-high flow rate and flat sheet membrane format, we can make our purification cartridge fit any system where gravity pulls the water through. We cooperate with our OEM partners to power their pitcher, counter-top, camping, portable water bottle and military water purification devices.


About Us

We are dedicated

…to solving the global health crisis caused by microbe-contaminated drinking water. Millions of children die needlessly every year due to waterborne diseases. Our technology enables a whole new generation of drinking water solutions for consumers worldwide.

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