Our technology can be adapted for any application in either existing or new consumer water purification products, gravity fed devices, and adds safety and performance to line pressure systems.


Gravity-fed devices & counter top systems


Portable water bottles


Camping systems


Line pressure systems


Military systems


End-of-faucet systems


Cartridge systems

Cartridges custom designed with OEM to fit their device. Wide range of specifications available.

  • Can fit existing and new-design purifier bodies
  • Supplied as private label units
  • Simple all in one cartridge often allows for new simpler and less expensive device design

Gravity-fed devices

Due to our incredible flow rate and flat sheet membrane format we can make our purification cartridge fit any existing gravity-fed system or create new products.

Pitcher systems

Provide anti-microbial protection in this popular format without changing the user experience

Counter-top “two-bucket” systems

Our high flow rate, chemical free cartridges enable a new generation of easy to use, simple, and chemical free devices that can be used anywhere. Can also retrofit millions of existing units.

Portable water bottles

Safe water anywhere. Just fill up the bottle and take a drink. Utilize our ultra high flow to create a great user experience by eliminating problems of slow flow or the need to exert extra pressure.

Camping systems

Our high flow means no more need for pumping or hanging a bladder from a tree.

Military systems

Our cartridges are robust, light weight, simple to use, and can’t produce contaminated water. Sounds ideal for a heavily loaded solider who needs water anywhere.


Line pressure systems

Our purification cartridges can be used to upgrade or replace filters in current line pressure systems as well as eliminate the need for pumps.

Line pressure reverse osmosis

Use our cartridge as a post-filter to ensure bacteria free water reaches the faucet. Our cartridge will remove any latent bacteria as it leaves the reservoir while maintaining faucet pressure.

Refrigerator filters

As an upgrade to current claim sets, microbial protection is a key addition to any existing refrigerator filter.


Microbial protection with no pressure loss – a simple drop-in upgrade.


Add microbial protection to the standard carbon block.

Ready, set, flow!

Contact our team to co-develop a higher performance line pressure system