Liquidity opens equity crowd funding campaign
Liquidity's equity crowd funding page - join the movement to bring next generation water purification to those in need

Liquidity opens equity crowd funding campaign

Join a crowd sourced investment round for clean water! We invite you to participate in getting our product over the finish line and into the hands of the billions of people who do not have access to safe drinking water by investing in Liquidity. We are offering $500,000 of shares via an equity crowd sourcing campaign. T2VC, one of our current investors, will coordinate the crowd sourced group. See the details on the campaign here. Make an investment in life-saving cutting edge nanoscience!

Victor Hwang - Forbes: "How To Build An Uncool Startup...On Purpose"

Building an “uncool startup”

Victor Hwang, one of Liquidity’s co-founders, explores the dynamics of building an “uncool” startup in a tech obsessed Silicon Valley and the lessons learned along the way.

'World Cup Tech Challenge'

Liquidity selected for ‘World Cup Tech Challenge’

Liquidity was chosen today for the prestigious Launch: Silicon Valley ‘World Cup Tech Challenge’ organized by SVForum. We will be pitching our life-saving water purification product to a panel of top Silicon Valley and International investors in competition with 35 other startups from around the world. The event will be held May 20th at Microsoft’s campus in Mountain View. Come check it out!

Liquidity launches 1st generation product

March  2014 

Circular_Cropped_newModule_smallLiquidity launches their revolutionary 1st generation drinking water purification product.

Liquidity wins "Best Investment Opportunity" award

Liquidity wins “Best Investment Opportunity” award

On January 29th Liquidity, represented by Commercial Director Elliott Gansner, won the Zino Angel Investment Society’s “Best Investment Opportunity” at their ‘Angels & Demons’ investment forum. Check out the pictures of Elliott in action at the pitch event on the Zino Society’s facebook page.

Inside City’s Water Tanks, Layers of Neglect

New York’s hidden microbiological water contamination issue

NY Times article highlighting drinking water quality issues in New York City. The United States has a growing problem with microbiological contamination in our tap water. We will be coming to the Big Apple’s aid soon!

Dean Dray discussing high-end water technologies - like nanoscience enabled membranes

Citigroup’s Dean Dray discusses the high-end technology of the water industry

Citigroup’s Dean Dray, author of the widely read water industry report the “Water Sector Handbook”, discusses the prospects for the water industry and highlights the most exciting investment opportunities. Dean specifically cites advanced water filtration membranes created through cutting edge material science. Liquidity is a prime example of material science enabling the creation of a membrane that simply did not exist before.