Liquidity announces pending launch of “Naked Filter” water bottle
Liquidity's New “Naked Filter” Water Bottle Strips Away 99.9999% of Bacteria from any Water Source

Liquidity announces pending launch of “Naked Filter” water bottle

Liquidity is proud to announce the coming launch of it’s first direct to consumer product – Naked Filter – a portable water filtration bottle. Fill it up from any fresh water source, screw on the cap, and drink.

Announcing new water filtration standards and GOBIE h2o partnership

Liquidity sets new water filtration standards; Announces partnership with GOBIE h2o

At the World Water Week conference in Stockholm, Liquidity announced that it has established new performance levels for polymeric membrane filtration, enabling the achievement of new global standards for drinking water. Simultaneously Liquidity also announced that it is partnering with GOBIE h2o, a San Diego provider of filtered reusable water bottles, to launch a Liquidity-powered purification bottle in 2015 that will eliminate the need for single-use disposable bottles.

Liquidity launches 1st generation product

March  2014 

Circular_Cropped_newModule_smallLiquidity launches their revolutionary 1st generation drinking water purification product.

Liquidity exits stealth mode

February 2013

Landing_image_001Liquidity exits stealth mode with the first explanation of our ground breaking water purification technology.