Naked Filter - now available on Kickstarter

Liquidity’s Naked Filter now available on Kickstarter

Help us revolutionize the way people access clean water. Support Naked Filter on Kickstarter!

Naked Filter a Kickstarter "Staff Pick"

Liquidity’s Naked Filter a “Staff Pick” on Kickstarter

Within one hour after launching on Kickstarter, Liquidity’s Naked Filter water filtration bottle has already been selected by the discerning Kickstarter team to be a “Staff Pick”. This is a high honor and we are very grateful for being selected.

Scientists have invented a water filter that could change the world

Naked Filter launch coming soon!

Thanks to the BGR team for covering the upcoming launch of our Naked Filter portable water bottle!

Liquidity's New “Naked Filter” Water Bottle Strips Away 99.9999% of Bacteria from any Water Source

Liquidity announces pending launch of “Naked Filter” water bottle

Liquidity is proud to announce the coming launch of it’s first direct to consumer product – Naked Filter – a portable water filtration bottle. Fill it up from any fresh water source, screw on the cap, and drink.

A Thirsty, Violent World

New Yorker reminds us of the gravity of the growing global water crisis

An excellent New Yorker article, by Michael Specter, about the global social problems caused by the lack of clean water. Increased violence and greater likelihood of conflicts around the world will likely result. This is a powerful reminder of the dire need for new technologies that can help address the challenge of providing clean water to a growing world population.

Announcing new water filtration standards and GOBIE h2o partnership

Liquidity sets new water filtration standards; Announces partnership with GOBIE h2o

At the World Water Week conference in Stockholm, Liquidity announced that it has established new performance levels for polymeric membrane filtration, enabling the achievement of new global standards for drinking water. Simultaneously Liquidity also announced that it is partnering with GOBIE h2o, a San Diego provider of filtered reusable water bottles, to launch a Liquidity-powered purification bottle in 2015 that will eliminate the need for single-use disposable bottles.

#WWWeek day 1: new technology could provide cheap clean water for millions

Liquidity highlighted by the Guardian during World Water Week in Stockholm, Sweden

Liquidity was highlighted by Guardian at the first day of the annual World Water Week conference in Stockholm. Our co-founder Victor Hwang is in attendance.

Century-old pipe break points to national problem

U.S. water infrastructure increasingly unreliable

The recent incident in LA highlights a nation wide problem of old deteriorating water infrastructure. The U.S. has been under investing in water infrastructure for the last 60 years. The EPA estimates that there is over $1 trillion of needed water infrastructure repairs right now. Over the decade to come potable water supply in the U.S. will become increasingly unreliable. Leaks in old water mains will add hazardous bacteria and other pollutants regardless of the cleanliness of the source of the water. Our technology and other water purification technologies will be needed in homes to purify water tap water before it will be safe to drink. These technologies will allow people to take their health and safety into their own hands.

Liquidity wins group!

Liquidity wins ‘World Cup Tech Challenge’ next gen technology group

Liquidity beat out a tough group of competitors to win the ‘Next Generation Technology’ group at the ‘World Cup Tech Challenge’ held at Microsoft’s Silicon Valley campus on May 20th. This was a great win for the team and shows the world changing potential of our product.